High roller casino bonus offers

Casino bonuses rank among the best features at online casinos. They help players to increase playing time, as well as their chances of getting a cash prize. The perks are better with high roller casino bonus offers since high roller customers make up most of the club’s income.

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The best high roller bonus varies between iGaming sites. Here are the top online casinos with top offers for high rollers.

What does the casino high roller bonus mean?

Before going into specifics, it’s essential to understand what a casino high roller bonus means. For starters, it is only available to players that make massive real money deposits. The offer terms differ between online casinos, as some customers instantly get VIP status. 

High rollers are the players who enjoy these bonuses. They are usually a casino’s lifeline and gamble with high stakes. To reward them, their bonuses are unique, with diverse privileges that are not available to everybody. 

Casino high roller bonuses work like other incentives. Only new customers that fund their account with substantial amounts on the first try can get them. As you’ll expect, the minimum deposit limits are higher than the rest, although there is no central amount. While the wagering requirements may look heavy for other players, they seem okay for high rollers.

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Different high roller casino bonuses

The nature of high roller casino bonuses is not specific and is left at the operator’s discretion. An important fact to note is that they always come with terms and conditions or wagering requirements. Let’s get started with the general types of high roller casino bonuses you may find. 

Cashback for high rollers

Cashback offers are the most popular variety you can find. As the name implies, you get a percentage of your real money deposit back into your high roller bonus account. The figure varies but is always impressive when you compare them with regular cashback offers. 

The frequency could be weekly or monthly. Please check the promotions page of your favourite casino for updates. 

Free spins and no deposit money

The following popular offers are free spins and a no deposit money reward. They carry similar effects, although there are also differences. While free spins apply to only high roller online slot games, the no deposit money reward could apply to several casino games. Usually, they come with wagering requirements, so you can know which game is eligible for a no deposit bonus. 

Loyalty bonuses

Only regular high roller customers at online casinos can access loyalty bonuses. Operators use it to appreciate and encourage such players to continue playing at their casino. The cashback bonus is also a part of the loyalty bonus, especially as they are frequent. 

Casinos offer personal bonuses for high rollers

Casino operators also dedicate special rewards and bonuses to their high rollers. Since they are a major part of the casino’s lifeline, it’s only wise that a particular offer becomes available. These offers vary but depend on what the high roller loves to gamble on. 

Some online casinos specially throw out questionnaires on understanding what a high roller prefers to get as a bonus. However, these specialised offers come with requirements that players must fulfil. 

Invites to VIP evenings

Depending on the gambling power of high rollers, operators roll out special VIP events and invite them. Several of these invites take place online, consisting of a reserved event where high rollers can interact with each other.

How to take advantage of high roller bonuses?

Since high roller bonuses are specialised incentives for select players, there are select means how to claim them. They differ from the standard welcome bonus and promotions and have higher rewards. Here are some steps to follow to claim a high roller bonus offer. 

Register at a licensed online casino site. Choosing a site with a license from a known regulatory body is essential. You don’t want to make a massive real money deposit and lose it because of harsh gaming practices. To know if a site has a license, go through the homepage and find it. If unavailable, consider other casinos.

After confirming the legitness of the site, the next step is to sign up. Follow the registration processes and complete the verification steps. 

Study the terms and conditions. Before you make a real money deposit, it’s important to study the terms and conditions first. Understanding what the casino requirements help you know if:

If the conditions do not favour you, it’s best to speak with customer support and get clarification first. 

Several iGaming sites are offering special incentives for big-stakes players. Playing at a famous online casino with a high roller bonus won’t stop you from having maximum fun at the casino. Check out our list of popular online casinos for their higher roller bonus offers.

High roller bonus terms and conditions

Like standard casino bonuses, a high roller bonus also has its terms and conditions. Each of them comes with a particular demand and varies between operators. A general feature you will find is the wagering requirement and bonus’s validity. As we stated, most online casinos do not need you to enter a bonus code before you can claim the reward. However, some still attach a bonus code first. 

Furthermore, most online casinos attach specific games on which you can use the reward, for instance, no deposit bonus. You may find specific slots or card games you can play with the bonus. Also, only some payment methods may make you eligible to receive the offer. 

Some VIP players get better bonus terms

At some high roller online casinos, the nature of VIP players depends on the operator. As a high roller, customers may become automatic VIP club members. The incentives here are better, as they include regular cashback offers, high withdrawal limits, and longer validity periods before the bonus expires.

High roller bonuses for poker players

Besides enjoying the variety and simplicity of poker, high roller customers can grab the different rewards that come with this game. For a classic poker game, the betting limits are not so great. However, high roller bonuses for poker players differ as they come with larger bet sizes. It’s also common to find that higher withdrawal limits are part of the bonuses.

What is a high roller bonus code, and how to claim it?

Although not widespread, many high roller casinos attach a high roller bonus code as part of their terms and conditions. Like the standard casino promotions, you may not be able to claim the offer if you don’t enter the code. 

You can find if there is a high roller bonus code on the promotions page. It’s usually listed among the wagering requirements.