High roller games

Responsible gamblers that love to bet high when playing do not joke with high roller games. If you’re in this category, here’s a special guide to help you settle in with the top titles that other high rollers play with. Although it comes with risks, this collection of casino games offers high winning potential.

Trusted casinos to play high roller casino games online

If you need reliable iGaming sites where you can play high roller casino games with ease, we’ve got you. Each casino offers premium services to high rollers. Remember to check all high roller bonus casinos.

Best high roller casino games

To help you have an idea about the best high roller casino games, let us start with what high roller games mean. This particular category of games are for pro casino players that like to place high wagers on the games before playing. 

While other gamblers that prefer not to risk much can play them, high roller customers will benefit from these titles the most. Another crucial fact is that some iGaming sites design their services to meet only high rollers’ demands. High roller casino games are a new breed type on the market, offer higher maximum bet sizes, so the regular casino limits on games are absent. 

Here is an overview of the best high roller games that many high roller players take big interest in. 

High roller live casinos

First on the list are high roller live casinos. Many players also know them as live dealers. This title serves as a bridge between regular online casino gaming and retail gambling. High roller customers place large bets and play games against their fellow human players. The umpire is also a human that takes care of the game proceedings. Everything is streamed live from select game studios around the world too.

One common feature of the high roller live casino is that the games available are table/card games. As you may notice, because it is a player vs. player contest, casinos increase the betting limit to higher maximum values. All types of table games are also available. 

High roller blackjack

Next on the best high roller games list is high roller blackjack. With all the benefits this particular game carries, you can understand why many high rollers enjoy wagering on blackjack. 

Many high roller casinos offer specific bonuses for blackjack. Its not uncommon to find unique cashback rewards, and enjoy loyalty programs as well as other promotions. It also comes with a great RTP value. Depending on which iGaming site you choose, the numbers could rise up to 99.5%, leaving the house edge figure at less than a percentage. 

Because the main priority for a high roller player is to bet high amounts on each blackjack hand, winning the most amounts is essential for them. 

In addition, there are enough strategies to work with. Although a bit of luck is still necessary, blackjack like other games needs strategies. You can split, hit, double down, or stand. Also, the betting sizes are higher than usual. 

High roller baccarat

Like high roller blackjack, baccarat is also a favorite option for many high roller casino players. It is available in many varieties and has a high speed. You can comfortably go between 40-55 game rounds in an hour. This provides an opportunity to win large amounts in a small time. 

Another reason why it is a best high roller title is its low house edge value. You can find a high roller baccarat with as as low as 1% in house edge figures. Combine this with the fast gameplay style, it is a huge attraction for high rollers, especially chances are high that you can win big in a short time. 

High roller roulette

Regular casino roulette comes in various versions, primarily American and European Roulettes. Like other table games, it is simple to master and offers an intriguing experience. High rollers also enjoy it because there are several options to choose when placing bets. 

In a game of roulette, you can place as many bets as possible, especially with a huge bankroll. From combining color and number bets or other forms, you can increase your winning chances. Also, roulette has an impressive RTP value, especially European Roulette. This gives players higher payout advantages. 

What’s more? Playing high roller roulette online gives access to larger betting limits. Big spenders at online casinos can go up to 10,000 or higher per spin. With a fast play that occurs within minutes, you could rack up huge wins in one hour. 

High roller slots

There are different slot game types, but two classes stand out. They are the penny slots and high roller slots. For the latter, players who wager on it know that the payout percentage is higher than what is available at the regular iGaming sites. 

There are many benefits these high roller slots offer. Besides the impressive load of mechanics and designs, the big spenders can find the maximum betting size high enough. Another huge privilege is that these casino games come with extra incentives or bonuses, another way to help you increase your leverage when playing. 

High roller poker

When it comes to high roller poker, the options are often limitless. Just like there are several variations for poker, the betting size levels also differ. You can find higher bet sized poker games at different online casinos, where you can place as high as 10,000 per round. 

Although the gameplay is a bit slower than the other high roller games, poker offers an exciting level of entertainment. All you need is to understand how to play the game, place your huge wager, and play the bluff rounds.

High roller sports betting

Different sportsbooks online now increase their deposit limits to higher levels to accomodate the high rollers. The odds, however, are similar for regular bettors. Yet, big bettors often get special promotions, like boosted odds, accumulator, etc., where they can get high prizes in a match or two.

What kind of casino games do high rollers prefer?

Depending on the personality of players, many high rollers prefer to settle for card/table games. This category comes in different variants with small changes in the gameplay. This helps to build the excitement and intirgue. Also, unlike other titles, the betting limits are better than others.

How big bets high rollers do?

High rollers can play as high as $50,000 per a bet. Ideally, it depends on the maximum the online casino sets for their high roller customers. 

How well do casino games work on mobile devices?

For modern iGaming sites, mobile gaming is no longer new. Software providers now design and develop mobile-specific games. Bonuses for mobile casinos are standard, which encourages high rollers to play them.