Blackjack Fortune VIP

For those who revel in the thrill of high stakes gaming, Blackjack Fortune VIP is a game that offers an unparalleled experience. This VIP suite game, part of the illustrious offerings from Evolution Gaming, has caught the attention of elite gamers with its exquisite design elements and high betting limits.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the unique features of Blackjack Fortune VIP is its visually captivating theme. The crimson Chinese-inspired design gives a plush, upper-class feel, reflecting the exclusivity of the game. The dealer’s outfit, designed in the same theme, adds to the luxurious ambiance.

Game Interface

The interface of Blackjack Fortune VIP is designed for seamless gaming. The video occupies the entire screen, with a minimalistic yet functional menu located at the top. This menu allows players to manage video quality, sound effects, view their complete account history, and review the game rules.

Game Rules

The rules of Blackjack Fortune VIP are consistent with other Blackjack variants from Evolution Gaming. The dealer stands at all 17’s, players can double down on any two cards, and splitting is possible with cards of the same value.

Unique Features

Should your lovely dealer reveal an Ace, you can insure against their Blackjack by paying 50% of your stake.

Blackjack Fortune VIP offers interesting side bets, including Perfect Pairs and 21+3. However, unlike some other VIP variants, this game does not include a Bet Behind functionality.

Live Interaction

A distinct feature of Blackjack Fortune VIP is the Live Chat option. This function allows players to interact with their host, enhancing the realism of the live gaming experience.

Exclusive Access

Evolution Gaming reserves its most luxurious tables for VIP players. Blackjack Fortune VIP is one such table, designed for high-stake gamblers who prefer an elite gaming environment. The game supports mobile play, allowing VIPs to enjoy their blackjack adventure from anywhere.

Gameplay Overview

To participate in Blackjack Fortune VIP, a minimum bet of $250 per game is required. The game has seven available seats, and each game is hosted by a professional female dealer. Apart from the main players, an unlimited number of players can bet in the background. However, these players cannot place base bets as they do not receive their own cards.

Betting Options

Blackjack Fortune VIP offers several betting options to increase the chances of winning as the cards are dealt. Some of these options include background betting on actual players’ hands, bets on perfect pairs, and bets on a 21 in 3 cards.

Game Rules in Detail

Each game of Blackjack Fortune VIP uses 8 sets of cards. The game follows the rules of European blackjack, allowing players to hit, stand, or double down. Players can double on anything except splits. The dealer always draws up to 16 and stands on any 17.

Why Choose Blackjack Fortune VIP?

Blackjack Fortune VIP stands out for its high betting limits, varied bets, and flawless live streaming. The game is accessible on PC, smartphones, and tablets, making it a perfect choice for High roller Blackjack players.