Evolution Auto Roulette

In the world of online gambling, Evolution Auto Roulette has made quite a name for itself. Powered by Evolution Gaming, this variant of the classic roulette game has introduced a revolutionary twist to the traditional live dealer format.

As the name suggests, this game doesn’t have a live dealer. Instead, it relies on automated technology for a more efficient and faster gaming experience.

What Sets Evolution Auto Roulette Apart?

Evolution Auto Roulette stands out for its speed and precision, thanks to its automated nature. Unlike conventional live dealer games, there’s no human interaction involved, resulting in a more streamlined and faster-paced gaming experience.

This game is designed primarily for high-stake players who wish to keep their games swift and seamless. The absence of a dealer makes it less sociable compared to other live games but is a perfect fit for those who prefer their games uninterrupted.

An impressive feature of this game is its capacity to run up to 80 games per hour. That’s significantly higher than the standard European roulette games, which usually have players waiting for several minutes between games. In addition, this 24/7 roulette game elevates the stakes, eliminating table limits that usually cap the betting level.

The Fundamentals of Playing Evolution Auto Roulette

The rules of Evolution Auto Roulette mirror those of standard European roulette. The game features 37 pockets and a single zero. If you’re familiar with roulette, you’ll recognize the numbers 1 to 36 on the European table. The usual bets, including straight-up bets with a 35 to 1 payout, are all available in this game as well.

To place your bets, you’ll find chip denominations at the lower part of your screen. Simply drag these chips to your preferred bet placement and watch as the wheel automatically propels a ball onto the wheel to yield a winning outcome. A unique aspect of Evolution Auto Roulette is the ability to place mega stakes, a feature that is a big hit among high rollers.

The Experience: Theme, Sounds, and Symbols

Evolution Auto Roulette offers a luxurious VIP gaming experience. The game takes place in a high-end live casino environment featuring a real roulette wheel. Despite the absence of a live dealer, the game is narrated by a virtual voice overlay that introduces and concludes betting, and announces the results of each spin.

Players can choose between the Classic View and 3D View while playing the game. The user interface is simple and intuitive, with each chip denomination clearly marked with a unique color for easy identification.

Game Mechanics: How It Works

Playing Evolution Auto Roulette is relatively simple and bears a striking resemblance to online roulette games. First, you select your bet from the betting menu. Then, you tap or click on the place where you want to place your bets. Once your bets are confirmed, the wheel spins, and the ball releases. After each game round, the bets are paid, and the next round begins.

For longer play sessions, you can set the autoplay to automatically place wagers. Before you activate this feature, you need to place your initial bets. Once activated, the same bets will be used for the number of spins you set.

Special Features of Evolution Auto Roulette

Apart from the speed at which the game plays (up to 80 rounds per hour), Evolution Auto Roulette doesn’t offer any special features. The game follows the familiar base gameplay of roulette. However, it’s the automation and speed that set it apart from traditional live roulette variants.

As a player, you get the real roulette wheel and studio feel without the live host, which may appeal to newbies who find real dealers intimidating. This game serves as a great bridge between the world of virtual gaming and live dealer gaming.

Compatibility with Devices

Designed with modern technology in mind, Evolution Auto Roulette can be accessed from desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet devices. There are no downloads required. The game loads instantly thanks to flash and HTML5 technology, allowing players to enjoy the thrilling fast-paced game of Evolution Auto Roulette at their convenience.

Where Can You Play Evolution Auto Roulette?

Several Evolution Gaming casinos offer Auto Roulette, including Betsafe Casino, 32Red Casino, and Genting Casino. However, it’s worth noting that US residents are not eligible to play this game.

Final Thoughts on Evolution Auto Roulette

If you’re not yet ready to face real dealers but enjoy a fast-paced studio environment, then Evolution Auto Roulette is the game for you. The sizable bet spread allows you to dictate how you play, and the easy-to-use interface will turn beginners into pros in no time.

With the potential of a top bet of €10,000 turning into €350,000 in a single round, the stakes are high and the rewards are enticing. The game brings the thrill of roulette into a mistake-free and well-paced environment, making it an ideal choice for roulette enthusiasts who value speed and efficiency.

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