Power Up Roulette

Power Up Roulette, an innovative offering from Pragmatic Play, has taken the online casino industry by storm. A modern interpretation of the classic table game, Power Up Roulette offers a unique gameplay experience, packed with multipliers and bonus rounds.

This article will delve into the intricacies of Power Up Roulette, offering insights into its rules, betting strategies, and RTP rates.

Understanding Power Up Roulette

Power Up Roulette is a live online casino game based on the popular European version of Roulette. The game is distinguishable by its potential for up to five Power Up bonus rounds, with each round offering the chance to multiply the bet size exponentially. The game is available 24/7, with a live dealer facilitating the gameplay.

This engaging game is relatively fast-paced, with a mere 18 seconds of betting time between each round. The potential for bonus rounds, increasing maximum possible multipliers with each successive round, distinguishes Power Up Roulette from traditional roulette games. In essence, if all five bonus rounds are achieved, players could walk away with a staggering 15,525x their bet size.

How to Play Power Up Roulette?

Playing Power Up Roulette follows a simple process, similar to traditional roulette. Players select their chip size and place their inside or outside bets on the Roulette table. Once the betting window closes, the live dealer spins the wheel. At this time, 3-5 numbers are chosen as the Power Up numbers that activate a bonus spin when landed on the wheel.

When a Power Up number is landed during play, all Straight Up bets qualify for a free wheel re-spin. These re-spins come with multipliers applied to all numbers on the table. Interestingly, the Power Up bonus spin can be activated up to four times per round, adding a maximum multiplier of up to 8,000x.

Power Up Roulette Features

Power Up Rounds

As the wheel spins in each round, 3-5 numbers appear on the screen behind the dealer, designated as the Power Up numbers. If the wheel lands on any of the Power Up numbers, the bonus round is activated, with all Straight Up bets qualifying for the round.

Alternate Betting Boards

Apart from the standard Roulette board, there are also bonus tables that bets can be placed upon, including the Racetrack and the Hot/Cold Wheel. These show how often an inside bet is a winner in the last 500 rounds.

Special Bets

Pressing the Special Bet button at the bottom activates a number of popular Roulette bets. Each bet style can also be added to your Favourites for easy access during each betting period.


At any point during play, you can check the results of the last 500 rounds, including any activated Power Up multipliers. You can also view a variety of stats showcasing the Hot/Cold numbers and bet types, including the winning percentage on all Inside and Outside bets.

Power Up Roulette Strategy

Strategies for Power Up Roulette are not essentially about winning. They are about extending your enjoyment of the game. They should enable you to secure wins while mitigating the impact of losses. A good Power Up Roulette strategy is about achieving the right balance, leading to prolonged play and possibly leaving the table with your pockets heavier than when you started.

The primary aim in Power Up Roulette is to secure a winning multiplier. This can only be achieved by playing Straight Up bets. Therefore, one possible strategy is to focus primarily on Straight Up bets, disregarding other bet types. This approach, however, requires a sizable bankroll or keeping the chip value low and relying on a decent multiplier to make a profit.

Another approach is to place various types of bets on the grid, including Outside bets that have a higher probability of winning. The most crucial aspect of any strategy, however, is only to bet what you can afford to lose and play for enjoyment.

Power Up Roulette: A Unique Live Casino Experience

Power Up Roulette has made quite an impact in the online casino world. It offers a fresh take on the classic game of Roulette, introducing bonus rounds as a major game changer. The addition of live dealers and a simple user interface further enhances the game’s appeal, setting it apart from other online Roulette games.

In conclusion, Power Up Roulette offers an exciting and innovative gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned Roulette player or a newbie, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment. So gear up, place your bets, and let the wheel spin!