Bac Bo

Bac Bo, a live dealer creation from the reputable Evolution Gaming, is an innovative fusion of the casino favourite Baccarat and the equally entertaining Sic Bo.

Bac Bo breathes a refreshing twist into Baccarat by incorporating dice into the gameplay, instead of the traditional cards.

Diving into Bac Bo: The Basics

Bac Bo is an enjoyable blend of the Asian-themed Sic Bo and the classic Baccarat. The name “Bac Bo” is a clever amalgamation of both these games. The game’s design is straightforward, intending to keep gameplay as simple as possible.

The studio setting features a beautiful blend of emerald green and gold, prominent colours in Asian culture, adding to the game’s oriental aesthetic.

The game table houses four dice, two blue ones representing the Player and two red ones for the Banker. Guiding the game is a cheerful live dealer who announces the results of each round and keeps the game interactive.

Understanding Bac Bo: Gameplay and Betting Procedure

As simple as the ABCs, Bac Bo’s gameplay involves a betting range between 0.50 credits and 1,000 credits per game round. Players are given a 15-second window to choose their preferred position – Player, Banker, or Tie. Once the betting period closes, the dice start their vibration for a few seconds until they come to a halt.

The dice don’t stop simultaneously but rather one after the other. The first blue Player die stops, followed by the first red Banker die. Subsequently, the die colour with the higher value after the first shake stops, followed by the last die. After all the dice have come to a halt, the position with the highest number value is declared the winner.

The Intriguing Tie Bet

Bac Bo might lack the variety of bonus rounds, but it does offer the Tie Bet. The Tie Bet is a wager predicting that the values on the Player’s dice and the Banker’s dice will be equal. Even if a player has not placed a Tie Bet, they still earn a payout in the case of a tie. However, betting on this position offers the most lucrative returns, with the potential to earn the maximum payout of 88x.

Bac Bo’s Rewarding Payouts

The simplicity of Bac Bo extends to its easy-to-understand payouts. It’s worth noting that the lower the odds of a result in Bac Bo, the higher the payout offered. The specific payouts are:

The exact payout for the Tie bet depends on the specific dice rolled.

The Role of the Live Dealer in Bac Bo

The Live Dealer in Bac Bo is mostly a guide and a source of entertainment for players. Dressed in a simple yet elegant red outfit, the dealer announces the results of each round and chats with the players to keep the game lively. Although not physically involved with the dice, she ensures the game remains interactive and entertaining.

Winning Strategies in Bac Bo

Like many other online casino games, Bac Bo’s results are randomly generated, meaning there’s no guaranteed winning strategy. However, examining the game’s history and identifying trends can help players make informed predictions for subsequent results.

One key tip for playing Bac Bo is to ensure responsible gambling. Since the game tends to be fast-paced, there’s a tendency for players to exhaust their bets quickly. It’s crucial to gamble responsibly, only playing with what one can afford to lose and dividing one’s bankroll into small betting units.

Where to Play Bac Bo?

Bac Bo, being the latest innovation from Evolution Gaming, is available at several regulated online casinos. These sites are licensed by top regulatory agencies worldwide, providing a safe and secure platform for players.

Alongside Bac Bo, these casinos also offer a host of other thrilling games, generous promotions and bonuses, excellent customer support, and mobile-friendly user interfaces.

Wrapping Up

Bac Bo, with its innovative blend of Sic Bo and Baccarat, offers a unique gaming experience for both novice and experienced players. Its simple gameplay rules, captivating aesthetics, and potential for high payouts make Bac Bo a game that’s definitely worth trying. So, roll the dice and take a chance on Evolution Gaming’s Bac Bo today!

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