Dead or Alive: Saloon

In the ever-evolving world of online gaming, one name that consistently stands out is Dead or Alive: Saloon. This thrilling live card game by Evolution transports players to the exhilarating era of the Wild West.

With its unique gameplay, immersive theme, and the potential for big wins, Dead or Alive: Saloon has quickly become a favorite amongst players.

A Look at Dead or Alive: Saloon

Dead or Alive: Saloon doesn’t just offer a game; it delivers an experience. Set against the backdrop of a rustic Western saloon, this live card game creates an atmosphere filled with suspense and excitement. And it’s not just about aesthetics; the game mechanics are unique and engaging, making every round a new adventure.

The game involves an innovative combination of 52 regular playing cards and 52 Bonus cards. The objective? Guess which regular playing card will be drawn first. But the thrill doesn’t stop there. As the game unfolds, Bonus cards with multipliers or Bounty cards can significantly boost your potential win.

How to Play Dead or Alive: Saloon

Despite its innovative approach, Dead or Alive: Saloon is straightforward and easy to understand, even for beginners.

Placing a Bet

When a new game round begins, players can place a bet on any regular playing card, a specific suit, or card value. You can also opt to bet on several cards or all cards. The initial potential win is typically set at 20x.

Dealing the Cards

Once the betting time is over, the game presenter starts dealing the cards one by one from a deck containing both regular playing cards and Bonus cards. These Bonus cards include three Double cards, six Bounty cards, twenty 20x multiplier cards, nineteen 30x multiplier cards, three 50x multiplier cards, and one 100x multiplier card.

If a Bonus card is drawn, the multiplier value gets added to your initial potential win amount, and the round continues. For example, if your initial potential win is 20x and a 30x Bonus card is drawn, your new potential win amount becomes 50x. If a Double card is drawn, your existing potential win amount is doubled, significantly increasing your potential payout.

The Results

The round concludes once a regular playing card is drawn. If you’ve correctly predicted which regular playing card will be drawn first, you win, and your bet is multiplied by your accumulated multiplier value.

The Adventure of the Bounty Hunt Event

Dead or Alive: Saloon adds an extra level of excitement with the Bounty Hunt event. If a Bounty card is drawn during a round, you’re transported into this special event. Three targets are presented, each hiding a multiplier value. Choose your target, take aim, and reveal your won multiplier, which gets added to your potential win amount.

The Uniqueness of Dead or Alive: Saloon

Dead or Alive: Saloon stands out in the market for its simplicity and fun factor. Evolution has successfully crafted a game that’s easy to play yet remains engaging round after round. The suspense of the unfolding game, the thrill of the Bounty Hunt event, and the potential for big wins make this game a must-try for any online gaming enthusiast.

A High-quality Gaming Experience

Evolution is known for its high-quality gaming experiences, and Dead or Alive: Saloon is no exception. The backdrop of the Wild West saloon and the game presenter’s attire contribute greatly to the game’s immersive quality. The use of high-quality cameras and multiple angles captures the action and excitement, making each round a thrilling experience.

Our Verdict on Dead or Alive: Saloon

With its simple yet rewarding promotions, excellent video quality, and a top-notch user interface, Dead or Alive: Saloon is a worthy addition to Evolution’s lineup. Whether you’re a fan of the Wild West or just looking for an exciting new game to try, Dead or Alive: Saloon is a game you don’t want to miss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dead or Alive: Saloon offers a return to player (RTP) of 97.02%, making it a game with potentially high payouts. The game is powered by Evolution and involves a deck of cards filled with multipliers and special cards that can increase your win. The maximum win per game is limited to €500,000, and the biggest multiplier in a single game of Dead or Alive: Saloon is 2000x. The game went live on November 30th, and has been creating waves in the online gaming world ever since.

Final Thoughts

With its innovative gameplay, immersive setting, and potential for big wins, Dead or Alive: Saloon is a game that is set to redefine the online gaming experience. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s a wild ride you won’t want to miss. So saddle up and get ready for a gaming adventure with Dead or Alive: Saloon!